"Music just the way you like it... thought-provoking and fun."  

- Karen Joseph


Alan Hardiman        Catherine Bacque        Jennifer Burak 

MISS GRUNDY is born...


Arts educators Catherine Bacque (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Jennifer Burak (flute, violin) and Alan Hardiman (bass, guitar, vocals) formed Miss Grundy in 2019.



During 2018 and 2019, Jennifer’s ongoing Take Cover fundraising events for Nellie’s shelter brought the three together in performance. They found common ground in wanting to play more of their original material, collaborate on new songs, and support arts initiatives for youth.



Miss Grundy’s original Suburban Angst Rock, Heartsleeve Country and Boomer Jazz reflect their diverse range of musical influences and interests.



Miss Grundy’s stage show is lively and down to earth, engaging audiences with expressive vocals and eclectic arrangements. Their energy and good humour are infectious, and for a three piece band, they can rock a room!

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